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By Nancy Y. Stevens
Clarion-Ledger Auto Writer

Southern Import Specialist president Abe Nemati enjoys his fast-paced work overseeing a business that sells a massive inventory of auto parts while also marketing a wide range of cheap used cars. He says he’s proud of the fact that he sells discounted auto parts to the general public as well as to auto dealerships and other businesses that depend on his staff to meet their needs.

The sprawling business, located on 20-plus acres in Pearl, has operated there since 1983. “We strive to serve our customers and achieve 100% satisfaction,” Nemati stressed while working to “build on our company’s reputation by selling only the highest quality and most affordable products.” Southern Import Specialist, Nemati pointed out, sells high-quality auto parts — both new and used — at a more reasonable price than what drivers would buy elsewhere.

More than a million domestic and import new and used auto parts are available to the public, including both individuals and businesses, including car dealerships. In addition to the spacious facilities that house tall racks with automobile parts, with row after row of salvaged engines, the 20-acre property accommodates the largest salvage yard in the state, with hundreds of damaged vehicles.

A picture of the company's reception with Mr.Abe Nemati behind the counter.

A picture of the company’s reception with Mr.Abe Nemati behind the counter.

Simply because a vehicle has been involved in a wreck or otherwise damaged, Nemati stressed, still viable parts remain and can be utilized. In that sense, he said, it translates to smart recycling rather than waste.“With the extremely high price of auto parts today, the average person cannot afford to maintain their vehicle with property maintenance and repair,” he said. “ However, at Southern Import Specialist, we work to meet all of our customers’ needs to sell the best auto parts, to provide the best customer service, and to help everyone afford our products”. Low overhead is another factor that figures into the affordable pricing the staff is able to offer, Nemati pointed out.

Among the other factors that have made Southern Import Specialist successful are policies such as free shipping and delivery, a 30-day warranty on all parts, and a guarantee of lowest pricing. If any individual finds a lower price on a part, let the staff know and they’ll refund the difference, Nemati said. Customer satisfaction remains his and his staff’s top priority, he stressed, noting that a concentration on “total customer satisfaction” continues to make loyal repeat customers out of first-time customers.

Another view of the company's reception.

Another view of the company’s reception.

The other arm of Southern Import Specialist is its busy sales department where best used cars are available in a wide range of both domestic and import models to the general public. Count Samuel Reyes and his daughter Leticia Reyes of Pearl among Southern Import Specialist’s satisfied repeat customers. They’ve bought a pre-owned Nissan Altima and a ’14 Toyota Highlander from the sdRankin County business. “This is a good dealership. We really like it here,” Reyes said of his family’s experience. “They have the best customer service’” with a staff always ready to assist, he added. “We get to know our customers, like a family,” Nemati said. “We try to be good and honest, and that’s how we have gotten our loyal customers” over three decades.

At Southern Import Specialist, he said, “We work to meet our customers’ needs to sell the best auto parts, to provide the best customer service, and to help everyone afford our products”. The user-friendly website, which may be used to search for and order parts online, also includes detailed descriptions, including video, of each vehicle for sale, plus a loan calculator and more. An example of the wide-ranging current inventory of Toyotas alone:22 used Toyotas, priced from $5,000 – 50,000, were in stock this week. The website is a good introduction to the business.

The Shop is easily accessible, near Pearl HighSchool, by turning onto Landfill Road off Highway 80 E. “We handle our own financing,” Nemati said.“We promise that if you walk in with a down payment, you’ll be driving out with a nice, low-mileage car.”Like all parts sold, every vehicle is accompanied by a 90-day warranty. If a customer isn’t satisfied, the vehicle may be returned within 90 days, said Nemati, adding that if a better deal is found on the same vehicle, he’ll match it. We are the best dealer to buy used cars

“Complete customer satisfaction is our goal.”

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